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Europe Germany

Germany Off the beaten track: discover Essen and Bonn

Many cities in Germany offer unique opportunities to experience more, while not having to deal with large crowds. These two cities are popular vacation spots,

destination for sailing
Europe Tour

The best sailing destinations in the world

1. The British Virgin Islands The British Virgin Islands brag that they have more yachts there than anyone else in the world, reminding everyone that

Europe Russia

Top 5 popular tourist spots in Russia!

Among Russia’s many tourist attractions such as Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral and the Kremlin, more than 63,000 travel-loving Traveler members (as of September 2020)

Europe London United Kingdom

15 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in London! A model course that goes around in 3 days

British MuseumThe first thing I would like to introduce is the British Museum, which can be said to be the centerpiece of London tourism. More than

best season to travel Europe Netherlands

The best season to travel to the Netherlands

 beautiful cityscape surrounded by canals. A colorful tulip field that goes on forever. A windmill for draining water from reclaimed land (polder). And the Netherlands, the country that

best season to travel Europe Switzerland

When can I travel to Switzerland?

After the spread of the new coronavirus infection in Switzerland, immigration restrictions from Japan have been lifted. When will the trip to Switzerland resume? As of November