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As a “land of gods and worship,” India is a popular tourist destination that is constantly visited by visitors from all over the world. With a history of 5,000 years, various religions, cultures, and ethnic groups are mixed, and it is often shocked by culture. In addition, there are many precious archaeological sites that retain their ancient appearance, and you can enjoy the Taj Mahal, magnificent temples, and beautiful sculptures. Introducing recommended sightseeing spots that the LINE Travel jp navigator thoroughly interviewed locally.
How to get to and around India
There are currently direct flights from Tokyo to the capital, Delhi. In India, which has a vast land area, movement between cities is basically by plane or long-distance train. There is also a subway service in Delhi.
Sightseeing spots are often far from the city, so if you are unfamiliar with overseas travel or want to visit multiple sightseeing spots in a day, tour guides and local sightseeing are included in the schedule. It is recommended to take a tour. Even if you have a free plan, you can enjoy sightseeing efficiently and safely by using optional tours as appropriate.
 Jama Masjid (Delhi)
Old Delhi, the old town of the capital city of Delhi. “Jama Masjid” stands in the center of the city, which retains the scent of the Mughal era. Construction began by Shah Jahan, the fifth emperor of the Mughal Empire, and was completed in 1656. It is considered to be one of the largest mosques in India. The huge mosque is a combination of red sandstone and marble. The beautiful contrast of red and white shines in the Indian sky
Qutub Minar (Delhi)
Recommended historical spot in Delhi “Qutub Minar”. The tower, which rises above 72.5m, is the tallest minaret in the world and was registered as a World Heritage Site in 1993. Not only is it the tallest in the world, but the decoration around the minaret is also wonderful. Islamic sculptures such as geometric patterns and arabesque patterns seem to praise the victory of the Islamic dynasty over Hinduism

Taj Mahal (Agra)
India’s most famous world cultural heritage “Taj Mahal”. An anecdote that seems to be a “waste of power” that the fifth emperor Shah Jahan, who has great power, poured tremendous money and human power for the princess to make it If you unravel the history, such an impression will be wiped out in an instant.

It is the most beautiful tomb in the world, which is so wonderful and beautiful that it continues to be loved not only by Indians but also by people all over the world
Agra Castle (Agra)
“Agra Castle” is a castle built from 1565 to 8 years. Three generations continued to live, from the 3rd emperor to the 4th emperor Jahangir and the 5th emperor Shah Jahan. Therefore, there are palaces and rooms built for each emperor on the premises, and it is vast! The Amar-Sin Gate, located on the south side of the castle, the powerful entrance made of red clay, rocks and sand, and even the brave warriors must have been there
Amber Palace (Jaipur)
The desert city of Jaipur. Many travel agencies combine the three cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur to form a “Golden Triangle” tour, making it a major tourist destination for North India travel. A particularly popular tourist attraction in Jaipur is “Amber Palace”. The castle was built in 1592 by the Rajput Maharaja, who did not succumb to the mighty Mughal Empire.
India Gate (Mumbai)
Mumbai, India’s largest city, is a city where you can feel the chaotic atmosphere that mixes the remnants of the British colonial era with the unique atmosphere of India. This is a gate built in 1911 to commemorate the arrival of King George V and his wife during the British colonial era. There are only popular tourist attractions in Mumbai, and many tourists from home and abroad visit.
Ajanta Caves
Ajanta Caves, one of the two major caves alongside the Ellora Caves. It is an ancient ruin excavated from around the 2nd century BC and is a world cultural heritage. There are many caves, but some of them are built with daylight in mind, and when you enter, you will be amazed at the size of the space and the elaborate sculptures that are almost perfectly preserved. Not only is it valuable because it is old, but it is also highly regarded for its high artistic value.
“Darjeeling” at an altitude of 2134m. It is famous for its fragrant and delicious black tea, but it is actually a city with many other attractions. Beautiful Himalayan mountain views and intricate and chaotic alleys. You can enjoy Indian and Tibetan cuisine, and the mountain railway runs as a “world heritage site”. Darjeeling, which has developed as a summer resort in India, has a different atmosphere from other cities.

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